Universal Security is committed to ensuring the safety and security of students through its School Security Evaluation Program

No two schools have exactly the same security issues or concerns, each one is unique and must be treated accordingly. Each has a different set of risks, which must be taken into account when evaluating security needs. This is why Universal Security has developed a specialized service area to help evaluate the safety plan of your school.

Universal Security’s School Security Evaluation Program involves our leadership taking a thorough examination of your school’s existing security plan and procedures and making recommendations where needed. We also offer training programs that will help the school’s staff become more aware and be better prepared should an incident take place.

Every school, should have policies in place advising staff about what safety precautions they can reasonably take to protect themselves and the students in their immediate care on a daily basis, as well as what procedures should take place in the event of a major incident on campus or while on duty with students.

Education Security

During our assessment we will look at items such as:

What are the main security issues or concerns within your school?
What is the risk level of each item?
What are the potential consequences if this issue occurred at the school?
Does each risk pose a threat to individuals or property?
Does a current comprehensive security policy exist for the school?