Providing a safe shopping environment is as important as protecting your assets.

Retail crime costs companies billions of dollars in lost revenue annually. Universal Security provides retail security solutions and a wide variety of customized loss prevention programs to help retailers minimize their losses. Our loss prevention efforts help provide a safe shopping environment for customers as well as a safe working environment for employees. We work in conjunction with a store or mall’s existing asset protection team to develop customized loss prevention programs to help retailers identify  how losses may be occurring. Then we develop a plan and  take action to minimize the exposure to loss and deter and identify suspected thieves.

Universal Security has been providing loss prevention services to the retail community since 1992.  During that time we have worked with some of the top retailers and shopping malls in the world providing protection for billions of dollars in retail assets.

Our retail security professionals undergo formal training that is specific to the retail environment. As a standard service of Universal Security our training program can be customized to suit your unique and specific security needs.

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