By protecting your materials and equipment from theft you are more likely to reduce unforeseen delays in your project. Universal Security can help protect those assets 24 hours a day.

Construction theft is literally and figuratively big business, with industry experts estimating annual losses at roughly $1 billion. Contractors, equipment dealers, insurance companies, equipment manufacturers all suffer when job sites are vandalized or equipment and materials are stolen.

Theft and vandalism of construction sites is not a new problem and it is not limited to any particular size construction site. A stolen piece of equipment or material can shut a job down temporarily as workers scramble to find and replace the missing items.

Site Security

An estimated 90% of all equipment thefts take place between
6 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Monday, followed by holidays and week nights.

Universal Security provides onsite security professionals to create a presence at your site to help eliminate losses.

Uniformed Guards
Active Monitoring & Surveillance
Inventory Management
Loss Prevention Programs
Pre-employment Screening
Background Checks