Chicago’s Department of Aviation uses Universal Security to support its security efforts at the third busiest airport in the world.

With more than 66.5 million airline passengers passing through O’Hare Airport each year, it is the world’s third busiest airport. Managing security for such a busy facility is no small feat and takes considerable coordination, which is why the City of Chicago Department of Aviation chose Universal Security to assist with this task. Working in conjunction with Homeland Security Administration, the Department of Aviation and the Chicago Police Department, Universal Security provides a third level of security to ensure the safety and security of all the world’s passengers who travel through O’Hare airport annually.

Universal Security also handles security for Chicago’s Midway Airport which sees more than 17 million additional passengers pass through its terminals.

Universal Security provides the following services at O’Hare and Midway Airports:

  • Uniformed Guards
  • Inter-agency Coordinated Communication
  • Egress Monitoring at Security Doors
  • Additional Airline-Specific Efforts