If the second largest retailer in the world trusts us, imagine what we can do for you.

As the second largest retailer behind Wal-Mart, Target has more than 1,700 stores in the United States. And with revenues of more than $70 billion annually and tens of thousands of products on their shelves you can bet they’re concerned about shrinkage. That’s why Target turned to Universal Security to handle their uniformed and covert security services.
Universal Security worked alongside Target’s own loss prevention team to develop a customized training program to ensure seamless integration into the in-store experience. By providing covert monitoring of in-store activities as well placing uniformed guards at key locations throughout the store, Universal Security has been able to help Target manage it’s loss due to shrinkage.

Universal Security provides the following services to Target:

  • Uniformed Guards
  • Covert Security Monitoring
  • Loss Prevention Programs
  • Customized Security Training Programs